Economic Benefits Generated by the Colorado River

Economic Benefits Generated by the Colorado River

Based on a piece by the Nature Conservancy.

“If the river were to run dry, the Colorado River basin could face not only ecosystem collapse, but economic collapse, too.” 

This sentence says it all. If you’re not concerned about the ecosystem, the other thing you should be concerned about is the economy. Like the image above says: the Colorado River generates $1.4 trillion in economic benefits each year. That equals about 1/12th of the domestic product of the United States. The Colorado River also supports 16 million jobs in in California, Arizona, Nevada, Utah, Colorado, New Mexico and Wyoming. That’s over 5% of the American population provided with jobs.

If 10% of the water from this river were gone, the consequence would be the loss of $143 billion in economic activity alongside 1.6 million jobs. And this all within a year. Imagine what would happen when this happens (because one day soon it will, especially at the rate we’re going at) and how many jobs would be gone within five or ten or twenty years.

So yes, people should be concerned with this river running dry. Especially the people who live there and use the water themselves. The people who are provided with jobs because of this body of water.

Let’s all be more careful with how we use water. If not for your future, do it for the futures of the generations to come.


2 thoughts on “Economic Benefits Generated by the Colorado River

  1. This is very true. A lot of people say they just don’t really care about the environment, but they should think about it differently, because environmental disasters can lead to economic disasters as well.


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