Governmental changes for the future of the Colorado River

Governmental changes for the future of the Colorado River

Based on an article by David Festa and Martin Gutiérrez and a press release by the US Bureau of reclamation.

Back in 2012 the United States and Mexico made agreements to make adjustments to adopt sustainable water management concerning the Colorado River. These were:

  • “Implementing efforts to enhance water infrastructure and promote sharing, storing, and conserving water as needed during both shortages and surpluses; 
  • Establishing proactive basin operations by applying water delivery reductions when Lake Mead resorvoir conditions are low in order to deter more severe reductions in the future; 
  • Extending humanitarian measures from a 2010 agreement, Minute 318, to allow Mexico to defer delivery of a portion of its Colorado River allotment while it continues to make repairs to earthquake-damaged infrastructure; 
  • Establishing a program of Intentionally Created Mexican Allocation (ICMA) whereby Mexico could temporarily reduce its order of Colorado River water, allowing that water to be delivered to Mexico in the future; and 
  • Promoting the ecological health of the Colorado River Delta.”

These are the first steps toward more sustainable water management. As the agreement lasts only 5 years, I hope that a second agreement will be made with even more (and more detailed) adjustments to make the future of the Colorado River a fact. But the question remains: Are we acting fast enough?


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