Climate change and the Colorado River basin

Climate change and the Colorado River basin

Based on the article by Jennifer Pitt of the Environmental Defense Fund for National Geographic.

“It’s not clear that the American Southwest can sustain an American style of agriculture, or for that matter an American style of lawn.”

Almost all climate change predictions say there will be problems for the Colorado River basin when the globe becomes warmer and dryer. Not all of these say the same about precipitation but they all agree that the amount of water available will decrease drastically.

The Bureau of Reclamation has assessed that the Colorado River flows would most likely decline by 8.7% by 2060. It means that 1,603,524,000 cubic meters of water will be lost. This will have a huge impact on the areas the Colorado River supplies water to.

Another problem is that the demand for water will increase, meaning that the area the basin can supply to will decrease. The prediction is an increase in demand as high as 616,740,000 cubic meters. This means the total deficit for the basin is 2,220,264,000 cubic meters. And this is not even the worst case scenario.

The American style of agriculture and the American style of lawn will definitely not sustain in the American Southwest. Changes need to be made.


One thought on “Climate change and the Colorado River basin

  1. Good blog Maya, I really liked the picture by your blog. It took my attention, I really liked you can see how much the waterlever droped.I think with the lecture of last thuesday you already know what kind of changes they need to take in the agriculture. Irrigration of water for the crops.


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